A Delmarva Original

There was a time when radio  on Delmarva was different from the rest of the country. We took pride in  our local programming. We listened to the audience as much as they  listened to us. We were a community of friends and neighbors who cared  for each other, and supported our local businesses.

Then something happened, and Delmarva got swallowed up by the corporate  machines. Radio was not immune to the “tides of progress”, as  Delmarvans saw their favorite radio stations turned into syndicated  outlets for big name companies. These companies forgot why radio was so  successful on Delmarva. THE LISTENERS.

94.9 WAMS was launched on April, 1st  of 2017. It’s purpose; return REAL radio to Delmarva. A different  way of thinking in an age of high dollar, high turn-over, and high  expectations that are rarely satisfied. 100% locally programmed, 94.9  WAMS is a different kind of station because we have a different kind of  listener.

We are proud to be Delmarva’s Album Music Source. We are 94.9 WAMS!