Mexico City in Shambles After 7.1 Earthquake

September 20, 2017

A 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Mexico City Tuesday night. The death toll was currently updated this morning and went from 149 people to over 200 people.

According to CNN, at least 2,224 schools were damaged and 25 people were found in the debris of one of the elementary schools.

The Mexico governor stated that 27 building collapsed in Mexico City. About 3.8 million residents have lost power after the tragedy.

Many emergency workers and locals have helped remove debris from different areas trying to help others who were stuck.

Volunteers have distributed food and water to those who are at tented collection centers.


Wicomico High Breaks Gender Barrier for Football

September 18, 2017

Junior Bree Smith-Cheeks has created a gender barrier at Wicomico High School by being the only female on the football team.

At 5 foot 8, 220 pounds, Smith-Cheeks is playing on the defensive end. Cheeks stated that football is not a man’s sport, it’s an athletes sport in which she believes she is.

Wicomico High football coach Brian Hanson shared that Smith-Cheeks started coming to offseason workouts lifting. Hanson also stated that Smith-Cheeks is naturally strong for a female and that she’s probably stronger than the average guy, according to DelmarvaNow.

While still learning the sport, Smith-Cheeks has a record of second-string spot on the depth chart.

Though being the only female on the team does not bother her, Smith-Cheeks only has one focus and that is winning the game along with her teammates.  


Four U.S. Female College Students Sprayed with Acid in France

September 18, 2017

Four American female college students were attacked at Marseilles Saint-Charles train station in France as a woman sprayed them with acid.

The young ladies, Courtney Siverling, Charlotte Kaufman, Michelle Krug and Kelsey Korsten, are Juniors at Boston college and were hospitalized for their burns. According to The Washington Post, two of them suffered facial injuries while one suffered an eye injury. The other two young ladies were treated for shock.

Authorities have said that the woman who sprayed them with the acid has a medical history with psychiatric problems.

According to Franc local newspaper, La Provence, the woman told police that she “went crazy” and was not targeting anyone in particular. The 41-year-old also showed police pictures of herself with burns and claimed that she was a victim of an acid attack, and wanted to duplicate what others had suffered.

The Marseille police has also stated that the altercation was not terror-related.

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